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Cultivating Simplicity

We’ve been gardening since we got our first “real” house in 2011, and each season includes at least one grave tactical error...

In which I run off at the mouth (so what else is new?)

In which I run off at the mouth (so what else is new?)

I’ve been given opportunities to yak about myself a lot the last couple of weeks, so let’s keep this short. First,...

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Share Grace

It took two years to clean out my mother’s house. Stacks and stacks of boxes – closets and attics full....

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Escapism – An Underrated Superpower

  I was trained to be an artistic snob, and as Jimmy Stewart would say, I was a very apt...

People Like Us

“So, what brings you here today?” asks the doctor. “Well, I asked my G.P. about getting assessed for Adult ADHD,...

Finding the Pony – The Revision Punch List

For a while now, folks have been asking me “How’s the new book going?”   Seems like it’s time for...

This week’s One Line Wednesday – Dialogue

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Your Questions, Please!

This week I received a fantastic opportunity to attend the Birmingham Gun Show, sponsored by the Alabama Gun Collectors Association....

#1lineWed is back!

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Come play #1lineWed with me!

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