Your Questions, Please!

This week I received a fantastic opportunity to attend the Birmingham Gun Show, sponsored by the Alabama Gun Collectors Association.
The Birmingham Gun Show

With the support and assistance of one of the Association’s Directors, Brent B. Goodwin, LTC (Ret), I’ll be requesting video interviews with vintage gun collectors to enlighten me — and you — about the real weapons used by fictional detectives (and criminals!)

Now, what questions would you like the answers to? I’m starting with the following ideas:

  • If you were a private detective in the 1920’s-1930’s, what gun would you carry and why?
  • What’s your favorite piece in your collection?
  • A Twitter friend, @GeneMarieScott, asked: “What makes the biggest hole? I might not have the nerve to pull the trigger more than once.”

So, whether they’re funny, serious, or technical, send me your questions on Twitter @EllenSeltz, leave them in the comments here, or visit me on Facebook: Ellen Seltz Facebook. Let’s put that mystery-lovers’ curiosity to good use!

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