Meet Mister Mottley!

The Mottley & Baker mysteries are classic Golden-Age detective stories with a big dose of humor. They feature Edmund Mottley, a constitutionally incorrigible gadabout who styles himself a “Specialist in Discreet Inquiries.”

Fast Cars, Hot Jazz, and the dreadful misuse of Truth Serum…

Aristocratic sleuth Edmund Mottley is a lovable eccentric with a nose for murder. He’s always worked alone and likes it that way.

Disgraced valet Aloysius Baker is desperate for a job, and Mottley’s his only option.

When a terrified client begs Mottley to protect a priceless diamond, Baker’s determined to get in on the action. This knotty problem spins into a laugh-out-loud adventure that forges a new detective duo.

Mister Mottley Gets His Man is a classic English whodunnit with droll humor and unforgettable characters. If you enjoy Agatha Christie’s puzzling plots or P.G. Wodehouse’s refined silliness, you’ll love this debut in the Mottley series.

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Book 2: Mister Mottley and the Dying Fall, is coming soon.

An absolute bounder has stolen the woman Mottley loves. But when the bounder’s accused of murdering an eccentric millionaire, Mottley must clear his name, or break her heart.

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Passion. Jealousy. Greed: A recipe for a memorable Christmas dinner.

When the household of Edgemere Grange falls victim to mass poisoning, Mottley must help his old friend Chief-Inspector Forthright determine who’s naughty and who’s nice in this fast-paced, bite-sized Christmas mystery.

If you like Hercule Poirot’s psychological detection and Lord Peter Wimsey’s elegant milieu, enjoy a puzzle and a laugh with Mister Mottley today!

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Mister Mottley and the Key of D: Has Mottley gone mad? That night in Venice, standing on a balcony rail with an angry Slovak swordsman and a half-naked fiddler holding them at bay, Mottley’s friend Debenham really begins to wonder.

The two friends just wanted to enjoy a musical evening. Instead, Mottley’s passion for the stunning soloist drags him into an international intrigue of dastardly deeds and derring-do. Is the damsel in distress? Will Mottley escape with his heart — and his hide — intact?

If you like your detectives soft-boiled and your noir with a bit of froth on top, try this Vintage Venetian adventure. This whimsical short mystery set in 1930’s Italy is a prequel to “Mister Mottley Gets His Man” and “Mister Mottley Stirs Up Trouble.”

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Mister Mottley Stirs Up Trouble: When their host for Christmas dinner drops dead over the plum pudding, Mottley and Baker must delve elbow-deep in ancient tradition, family resentments, and the quirks of chemistry to uncover a deadly scheme.

Though Baker’s deductive reasoning leaves much to be desired, Mottley learns to appreciate Baker’s unique perspective — and even more so, his patience.

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