In which I run off at the mouth (so what else is new?)

Goofy facesI’ve been given opportunities to yak about myself a lot the last couple of weeks, so let’s keep this short.

First, the lovely Aimee Brown at Hello…Chick Lit, actually let me take over her blog twice. My interview about Agatha Christie and the deadliness of the word “should” is here.

Aimee also put up a guest post about the evolution of my  relationship with Edmund Mottley. As they say, “it’s complicated.”

Then this past weekend, the Serealities Community posted a video interview, in which I discuss building stories out of the mess in your mental attic. Apparently, over there they think it’s awesome. (Not my words. They said it.)

And oh, yeah. I have blue hair now. I like pretending my head is a TARDIS. (Actually,by Michael Dunn via flickr considering the issues I have with time and space, that makes a lot of sense.)

I hope you’re having a good couple of weeks. You can find new episodes of Survivor’s Trust at, and you can also follow the story at my Pinterest board.


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