Wait…that made sense? Outside my head?

by Tetsumo via Flickr
by Tetsumo via Flickr

If I ever needed validation as a writer (Who am I kidding? Only always.) I sure got it last week. My sweet friend Christy English featured Mister Mottley and my yappings about indie publishing, and on top of that, a person I had never met asked if she could quote me on her blog! About writing and indie publishing! Like a boss! And it actually makes sense (at least to me).

You can check out Christy’s 2-part interview here: http://www.christyenglish.com/2014/12/12/interview-and-give-away-with-indie-author-ellen-seltz/

And the delightful Kris Waldherr here: http://kriswaldherrbooks.com/main/2014/12/publishing-monday-author-linkage-inspiration-and-giveaway/

She does gorgeous art and writes books too, y’all.  Check it out.

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