Period Glamour – Hairstyles of the 1930’s

The smooth, flowing lines and glossy finish of Art Deco style turn up everywhere in the Golden Age period – even in hairstyles:

Source: Wikimedia Commons, Author: Louis Calvete
Waterfall imagery is everywhere in Art Deco

For writers and re-creators, Swing Fashionista gives some useful background on the role of the salon in the period, how women of different economic means prioritized their hairstyles, and tips from a stylist of the period on creating those lush, wavy styles on straight hair.

One of the keys to the glossy “set” styles of the 30’s and 40’s was setting lotion.  Just like today, many women used DIY alternatives to commercial beauty products.  Homemade setting lotions included ingredients like gelatine, beer, and flax seeds.

Noir Girl details her own experiments with flax seed, and highly recommends it for a soft finish and strong hold.

If you need detailed how-tos for a descriptive scene (or a party this weekend!), you can’t beat the detailed diagrams and step-by step instructions at Vintage Hair.

And you wondered what people spend time on before the Internet?  Hairstyles like this!

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