Here’s the thing about Indie Publishing…

I’ve learned a lot about this game in the last year (and have a lot more to learn). The biggest thing hit home in the last six weeks, the crunch weeks running up to (and right over) the target date for putting Mister Mottley up for sale.

It’s all you.

See, when you are traditionally-published and everyone in your house gets sick, and you have weddings on top of field-trips, on top of inlaws visiting, on top of Major Costume Holidays for which you foolishly promised your children a Major Homemade Costume….you have people still working on the publishing part. You have people who already know how to find that *E(&T%! tag in the HTML code that makes the Table of Contents go all freaky. You have people to tweak all the price and rights settings in Amazon.  And drafting the frontmatter. And the backmatter. And the promotional links. You can live your life, because you have people for that.

The price of creative control and 70% royalties, is you got…you. And one thing I learned about myself is, I can error-check HTML code, or I can stuff ibuprofen and popsicles into sick children. I cannot do both at once. We all have our limitations.

So, since the drummer’s poor arms got tired and gave up on the drumroll about three weeks ago, I will just draw your attention, as Mr. Baker would, with a discreet cough.


My lords, ladies and gentlemen, I give you…

Mister Mottley Gets His Man, now available on Kindle.


Final Cover small- MMGHM



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