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The Mottley & Baker Mysteries

The Mottley & Baker mysteries are classic Golden-Age detective stories with a big dose of humor. They feature Edmund Mottley, a constitutionally incorrigible gadabout who styles himself a “Specialist in Discreet Inquiries.”

Mr Mottley Gets His Man

Mister Mottley Gets His Man

***** “Cozy Mystery Joy!

***** Classic whodunnit, cleverly plotted and very entertaining.

Fast cars, hot jazz, and the dreadful misuse of truth serum.

Aristocratic sleuth Edmund Mottley is a lovable eccentric with a nose for murder. He works alone and likes it that way. 

Disgraced valet Aloysius Baker is desperate for a job, and Mottley is his only option whether he likes it or not.

When a terrified client begs for protection, his knotty problem forces Mottley and Baker into an unlikely detective duo and spins them into a laugh out loud adventure.

If you enjoy Agatha Christie’s puzzling plots or P.G. Wodehouse’s refined silliness, you will love this debut in the Mottley & Baker cozy mystery series.

“Beautifully written.” “Style like a long cocktail.”

The only way out is a long way down.

Mottley’s old flame Susan needs his help. Her new fiance is accused of murder, and she wants Mottley to clear his name.

Mottley would rather jump off a cliff than get involved, but when Susan is threatened by a shadowy crime syndicate, he leaps to her aid.

Mottley and Baker, his intrepid valet, pursue the case to an island of otherworldly beauty. But the island is haunted by secrets, treachery, madness, and … something more. With his own life on the line, can Mottley save Susan before time runs out?

If you like Miss Marple’s puzzles or Albert Campion’s adventures, you’ll fall hard for this cozy historical mystery.


Happy Bloody Christmas

A Holiday Collection to Die For.

This special-edition bundle includes two previously published Mottley shorts, along with a brand-new story.

If your taste runs to short classic mysteries by Sayers, Allingham, or Christie, you’ll savor this sampler of bite-sized Christmas confections!

Has Mottley Gone Mad?

One heart-pounding night in Venice, with an angry swordsman and a half-naked fiddler holding them at bay, Mottley’s friend Debenham really begins to wonder.

Mottley’s passion for a stunning soloist drags him into an international intrigue of dastardly deeds and derring-do.

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Mister Mottley
Stirs Up Trouble

The proof is in the pudding…

When their host for Christmas dinner drops dead, Mottley and Baker must delve elbow-deep in ancient tradition, family resentments, and the quirks of chemistry to uncover a killer scheme.


A bestselling Kindle Short Read.

Mister Mottley & the Kiss of Death

Passion. Jealousy. Greed: A recipe for a memorable Christmas dinner.

When the household of Edgemere Grange falls victim to mass poisoning, Mottley must find out who’s naughty and who’s nice in this fast-paced, bite-sized Christmas mystery.

If you like Hercule Poirot’s psychological detection and Lord Peter Wimsey’s elegant milieu, enjoy a puzzle and a laugh with Mister Mottley today!